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Focused on computer science and mathematics, Scratchwerk Academy is a private school committed to preparing our students with the technology skills of the future. Join us and grow your student's curiosity.

Computer Science Education Designed for Us

Scratchwerk Academy is a rigorous computer science private school for part-time students in grades 2nd and up. Our curriculum instills student confidence with a focus on Mathematics, Coding, and Black History.

Admission is selective. Supplemental curriculum available for parents, after-school providers, and schools.

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LMS supporting virtual and onsite learning.


Common Core and Florida BEST guidelines.


Continuous evaluation of student proficiency.


Designed by active software engineers.

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Ronnie King Scratchwerk - Founder
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Our Unique Story

At Scratchwerk, we are a talented group of certified software professionals with over 45 years of combined experience building applications. As people of color, our mission for Scratchwerk Academy is to increase the minority representation within the field of tech.

Our unique curriculum has been formalized through great partnerships with community organizations. Since our inception, we've been committed to educating and equipping students in our underserved communities with software development skills.

Our Locations :

2009 Art Museum Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207



Curriculum Highlights

Scratchwerk Academy follows Common Core and Florida BEST standards. Our specialized curriculum challenges student's proficiency and ability to pursue careers as Software Developers, Computer Engineers, Data Scientists, and more.

Tuition Prices

From our partnership with Scratchwerk Tech and other generous organizations, private school part-time tuition is free at Scratchwerk Academy for virtual students. We're committed to building an elite educational experience designed and sustained by our own community.

Academy Membership


Access to our virtual courses, mentoring, and tutoring resources. Following Common Core and Florida BEST standards.

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Student Laptop Rental

$ 175 /Quarter

Lease to own laptops and webcams with matching virtual machines for student learning. Student laptops are limited to availability.

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Fall '20'

Onsite Student Drop-In

$ 40 /Day

On-demand student access to our facility and safe virtual learning environment for working parents. Scheduling based on availability.

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Rethinking Educating Ourselves

Students should have the opportunity of seeing themselves in every step of their educational experience. Scratchwerk Academy is dedicated to going beyond exposure and verifying that our students are equipped with the confidence and computer science skills needed for their future.

Fall 2020 Course Highlights

Our Scratchwerk Academy fall supplement courses are perfect for students seeking to stay ahead or improve their overall GPA. Virtual instruction is live, and seating is limited.

Computer Science (Middle/High)
Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

Software application development using Java with object oriented programming.

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  • 9007230
  • 18 weeks
  • 6th-12th
Computer Science (Middle/High)
Database Design & SQL Programming

Knowledge of database management using the Structured Query Language.

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  • 9007310
  • 18 weeks
  • 6th-12th
Mathematics (Middle/High)
Advanced Topics in Mathematics

Math fundamentals necessary for machine learning programming. Syllabus includes Algebra 1 review.

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  • 1298310
  • 18 weeks
  • 7th-12th
Social Studies (Middle/High)
Florida History

A detailed overview of Florida History with an emphasis of the Black experience in the Sunshine State.

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  • 2100350
  • 18 weeks
  • 6th-12th
Computer Science (Middle/High)
User Interface Design

Understanding of website, mobile, and other UI platforms. Overview of the fundamentals of markup languages.

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  • 9001120
  • 18 weeks
  • 6th-12th
Computer Science (Elementary)
Introduction to Computer Science 1

The student journey starts with the basics of computer science and software.

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  • 5002010
  • 18 weeks
  • 2nd-5th

How to Start

Scratchwerk Academy is open to students entering grades 2nd-12th. Admission is selective and based on student grade point average, aptitude and enthusiasm. Scholarships are available.

Schedule Interview

New parents and administrators must schedule an initial interview to review program requirements.

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  • Step 01.

Complete Assessment

The assessment course is designed to test student's overall initative along with their current computer science exposure and skillsets.

  • Step 02.

Final Approval

Our staff will review assessment performance and contact you to discuss your start date. Recommendation letters required for GPA below 2.5.

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