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Using our Automate-to-Scale model to deliver tailored software solutions and integrations that help organizations grow.

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At Scratchwerk, we provide a suite of tailored backend integrations and solutions to improve your organization's overall productivity. Let us automate your pain away.

Organization Analysis APIs

Cloud based APIs and endpoints for public and private use. Leveraging unique datasets to provide org intelligence.

Code Deployment Scripts

Continuous integration scripts and processes to automate product delivery and increase dev ops productivity.

Customer Engagement Bots

AI Bots and translation programs that address customer needs and process appropriate hand-offs.

Claim CMS Reporting

Batch processing tools to generate and submit Medicare reports for P&C Insurers. Plugins for Guidewire, Duckreek, and more.

File Processing Functions

Scripts for managing the transfer, creation, removal and processing of flat files and structured documents.

Scheduled Job Triggers

Middleware and server applications to handle scheduled business tasks. Notifications for downstream processes.

Our Certified Team

Integrate with one of our automated services developed by the Scratchwerk team of trained and certified developers, configurators, scrum masters, product owners, and architects.

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